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This is the landing page for the Perthfurs SFW Telegram Group.

Perthfurs SFW is an all-ages chat group for furries in Western Australia, with over 200 members. Established in 2014.

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What is Telegram?

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Telegram is an instant messenger with mobile, web and desktop clients.


Chat rules

By joining the group, you agree to abide by the following rules: (hover over for more info)

For a complete list of rules and how they should be interpreted, as well as other information about the administration of the group, refer to the group charter.



To join Perthfurs SFW, complete the captcha below and click the Join button:

Please don't share the invite link directly - link people to this page instead.Problems?


Channel bot

The group also has a bot (@PerthFursBot), which you can either mention or private message to:



The group is administered by volunteers. Please treat them with respect and follow their instructions at all times.

You can see a list of the group admins by typing @PerthFursBot who admins within the group.

PM an admin to discuss bans/restrictions (or other private matters).



The group and its admins take no responsibility for the actions of users outside of the group. Contact Telegram Support to report abuse of the platform.

Information about meets/events and conventions is provided by members and may not be complete or accurate. Contact the organiser/host for any event-related matters.

Perthfurs SFW is not affiliated with any other chat group, platform or organisation bearing the name "Perthfurs".